PurityPad Dev can be used

It is IM for the application program developer who can transmit the registered character string to the application.
The annoyingness input every time disappears by registering ID and the name etc. of the user.
The test pattern can be classified by using the category function well.
The same one as all testers can be distributed by outputting the registration data to the file by the export function.
It customizes it for the developer based on PurityPadNeo.

PurityPad was developed as IM that I use in the test, and, to begin with, this is a starting point.

A basic function excludes all extra decorations though it is the same as PurityPadNeo.
It is the same, and refer to that help functionally almost, please.

It explains only the function of original "Dev" here.

EFunction to add random figure
The figure to 1-99 is added to the transmitted character string at random by turning on a random button.
When testing like registering a lot of ID, it is convenient.

It is a screen of the method of inputting actual PurityPad Dev.

It is a list of the category that is displayed first. When the category is selected, the list of words and phrases registered in the category is displayed.

When arbitrary words and phrases are selected, the character is transmitted to the application.

It returns to the category display on the hierarchy of one when "Category button" is selected.

Report and demand even of here, etc. of bug, please.

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