PurityPad can be used

PurityPad can be used.

After it installs it, a set screen is opened.
"Locale&text" is selected.

The check is turned "on".
"PurityPad" is selected.

A set screen is displayed.

The word transmitted to the application program is set.

(1) Method of setting a lot of words at a time

The "import" function is used.
First of all, the CSV file that describes the word that to import it is made.

Please make the extension hCSV".
Please preserve the file with "SJIS".

For instance, it is assumed that it made a file ..so...

address, Tokyo Japan
telephone, 03-XXX-XXXX
email, xxx@xxx.net

"Address" becomes a name displayed in the list of PurityPad.
"Tokyo Japan" becomes a word transmitted to the application when the list is pushed.

When the file is made, it copies it onto the root of the SD card of Android.
The preparation for the file is completed by this.

"Import of word list" is selected on a setting screen.
The dialog is displayed.

When the file to be taken is selected, import is begun.
The list of the taken word can be confirmed by selecting "Edit of word list".

There is a limitation in the number that can be displayed in the list of PurityPad though there is no limitation in the number of words of possible import.
It is up to 20 pieces.

The word displayed in the list of PurityPad is only the one "Edit of word list" screen it and "On" the check box.
The number can be adjusted within the range of the limitation.

(2) Method of setting one word
"Edit of word list" is selected on a setting screen.
"add" is selected.

The name when displaying it in the list and the character string that transmits are set.
OK is pushed.

It was registered.
The number of remainder that can be displayed in the list of PurityPad in upper right has gone out.

Please push the right side of "Name" here.
The dialog for the edit is displayed.

Please go by this dialog when time when to be changed the content registered once and you want to delete it.

The content of the list is output to the file.

The input word of the backup of the list etc. can be output to the file.
Please select "Export of word list" when outputting it.
It is output to the root of the SD card.

The function to change the list order is not being offered in PurityPad.
However, it is revokable to export once, to change order, and to do the import again.

It is an input screen of actual PurityPad.
When "Name" is pushed, the character string said, "GAMA" is transmitted to the application program.
I think that I can understand other functions at once if it uses it.

It would be greatly appreciated though it is thought that there is a dissatisfied part to explain, too if it could help you above.

Report and demand even of here, etc. of bug, please.

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